What is a Vendor?

By vendors we mean merchants, retailers, manufacturers, service providers - literally any entity that trades goods and/or services. By accepting UBUs as a form of payment any business can benefit from a free, powerful marketing platform and by unlocking trapped liquidity in underutilised assets as described below.

Why become a Vendor?

* Citizens have free tokens of value to exchange (liquidity) up front, the inverse of the loyalty/reward model where the customer has to buy/do something in order to earn a reward. They are reminded daily of the deposit of UBUs into their account, so the UBU is top of mind.

Benefits of being a Vendor

Vendor UBU earningsQuantityConversion to UBX
TradingAs per UBU turnover accumulated in e-walletMinimum batches of 16,000 UBUs
Citizen referrals1,000 UBUs/ citizen using referral codeAs above – cumulative UBUs from trading & citizens qualify – no distinction

Earning UBX

UBX are earned in accordance with a halving mechanism as detailed in the table below.

Citizen registrations in total UBU databaseUBU to UBX conversion rate
0 - 99,9991,000:1
100,000 – 199,9992,000:1
200,000 – 399,9994,000:1
400,000 – 799,9998,000:1
800,000 – 1,599,99916,000:1
1,600,000 – 3,199,99932,000:1
3,200,000 – 6,399,99964,000:1
6,400,000 – 12,799,999128,000:1

Return on network value

Businesses that grasp the economic essentials set out in the economic model, the network effect and the resulting exponential value accrual, are well placed to profit from the UBU as a liquidity tool.

The essential aspect is that rapid growth of the entire network results in rapid growth for all participants. This cannot work for an isolated or closed system such as a loyalty scheme because these necessarily contain a subset of a population and therefore limit the rate of growth of participants.

As set out in the section on Metcalfe’s law, the value of the system is quadratically related to the entire population. So by accepting UBUs for the purpose of accessing the network effect, a Vendor profits not only from its own use of the UBU, but also from its use by other businesses.

An impediment to rapid growth is profit margin. Put another way, for a particular asset, the lower the price offered by a vendor, the greater the probability of attracting a customer, and therefore the greater the growth of the customer base.

Vendor Portal

Once registered vendors will have full access to our secure portal where they can conduct, inter alia, the following:

You can only register as a vendor via the portal on website or mobisite at

For general enquiries email


How to navigate the Vendor Portal

Register or Login

The vendor login screen allows you to register & login to the vendor portal. If you register, you will receive an email from projectUBU with your login details. If you have forgotten your password, just click on the “Forgot Password” text at the bottom of the screen.

Register or Login

This is the vendor dashboard, with vendor tool navigation.

Register or Login

On the dashboard you can see your entire transaction report.

Register or Login

If you click on DEALS you can see a list of deals that you have entered, which can be updated or deleted as appropriate.

Register or Login

From the same DEALS menu you can create a deal, price it, choose an image to show to the citizen, choose expiry date, enter a deal code and more.

Register or Login

If you click on REPORTS, you can see a list of all your transactions, which can be sorted and downloaded to a csv according to your needs.